Cakez is a community run PFP collection of 5,555 NFTs. These mouth watering pieces of art contribute to something a little different than what you are used to in NFT projects.

We are joining the new meta by providing zero creator fees.. yes, you read that correctly 0% ROYALTYS on the secondary markets!

To handle this project as a treat for the public, is our main goal.

No roadmap or utility provided by the team, the community will be given this project to fully control whilst we will have a presence on twitter and market the hell out of cakez! the true owners of this project will be the lucky holders.

Everyone loves dessert and this project is one massive dessert for all to enjoy, bright colours and thick line work make these cake headed whimsical characters really stand out.

Our artist done there part in helping you pump your bags by being an absolute power symbol and something that everyone always wants.. Cake!

0.033 mint with 2,552 WL spots available whilst the rest will be public. The first 555 NFTs in the collection are completely free, just like a bakery first come first serve, be there on time to get those free mints!

Mint date is 19th of september at 20:00 UTC (16:00 EST) and we are looking forward to seeing the collection on Magic Eden.

Follow us on twitter to keep updated and to be one of the first to earn whitelist!


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